The Most Amazing Wedding Possible

Our daughters wedding turned out to be the most amazing wedding we could have ever hoped for. Thank you Rebecca and Carl for tending to so many details right down to showing everyone where to stand for the best effects. Our daughter and son-in-law were so very happy with their day. That’s what matters. Everything about your place is the best. The rooms, the staff, the food, the grounds, everything was just beautifully perfect! Thank you all so much for your care, your assurance, and your friendship. All of you are most appreciated and treasured. We love you!!!! Lani N.  Trip Advisor-May 2017  

Wow, Wow and Wow!

Being an officiant I see the “behind the scenes ” of many wedding venues and this one ranks at the top! The owners are hands on and cover every detail. I witnessed them working from 5:15am to 11pm (or later because I went to bed) to insure everything was perfect. Then got up the next morning and made a delicious breakfast. Coffee is always on and made just like I like it. Their resort is unique because they have designed it to be like a quaint Spanish village with perfectly placed pavers as the street. Each suite along the narrow street had everything you need from a handy kitchen to stackable laundry equipment. Did I mention to whole resort is spotless! They sweep the walkways and street every morning, water and manicure the grounds. The resort also has tons of interesting nook hideaways, some with chairs, benches and tables to have coffee or drinks or to just relax and read a book. Placed where you can either sit in the sun or find cool shade. They even have a tower where you take a spiral staircase up to that overlooks the whole resort and valley. I enjoyed a peaceful cup of coffee and watched two beautiful sunrises from up there. They made all the food for the rehearsal dinner and reception featuring ribeye steaks and Spanish chicken that was absolutely cooked to perfection. They have their own DJ and top of the line sound system with plenty of room on the dance floor for the most interesting line dance I have ever seen. In closing I must say I don’t get to excited about wedding venues because most talk big and then under perform. Well this operation is the exception, anyone not blown away by the hardest working couple and staff in Arizona simply means that they could never be satisfied. Oh, there’s a man cave! 100% A+ Daniel Bodamer Officiant & Owner, Amazing Day Weddings-Traverse City Michigan Trip Advisor-May 2017

Wedding Renewal Weekend

Had another wonderful getaway at the Dream Manor Inn! Had our family and friends with us as well and took over for a wedding and marriage celebration. As always Rebecca and Carl are on top of it. The entire weekend went smooth and the event was amazing, fun and special! Pretty much everything was handled for us as we took advantage of the platinum wedding package. We could relax and enjoy. Trip Advisor, Courtney-February 2017

Our Wedding at Dream Manor Inn

Dream Manor is the perfect place to have a wedding. Rebecca and Carl were the best hosts and we had no worries at all-they took care of everything. They coordinated everything to perfection. They made our wedding so beautiful. The band was thankful for them and they even said that “they made their job so easy” . They referred us to all the other things like flowers-which also were amazing. Dream Manor is a gorgeous location. My husband had attended a wedding there before meeting me and he said he would love his wedding to be there too. There is nowhere in Arizona that you can see a better sunset. My husband and I also stayed there several times during our courtship and we fell in love with the suites. Sitting outside on the private patios enjoying a glass of wine it feels like we are in another country. It has a Tuscan feel to it. We ended up coming to Globe one Christmas as we had celebrated the holiday with our family before the actual holiday. I will never forget how hospitable Carl and Rebecca were to us and they even invited us to eat Christmas dinner with their family. We truly feel like they are our family in a way. Now we go back and stay at Dream Manor every now and then just to get away and relax.  Mary Lee, Trip Advisor 2/10/11

Best Man Thank You Email

Good morning Carl and Rebecca, I just wanted to thank you both for making our stay amazing!! I was the best man in Arnold and Alyson’s wedding over the weekend and not only did we enjoy the location, view, rooms, we enjoyed the hospitality and service you both provided. I know at times guests can get a little out of hand having a good time but your professionalism and understanding of the event taking place was evident. We stayed in the Sunset room Thurs and Fri and then decided to stay an extra day in the Hide-Away. Carl went out of his way to help us get another room at the last minute and also at a cheaper rate. He was there any time we had questions or needed something and was always polite and happily conversed and suggested things to do in the area. One thing that really stuck out to me (probably not a big deal to others) is Carl took the time hurry up and make breakfast for my girlfriend while she was still upstairs in bed. A lot of the times the “little” things go unnoticed and all we ever hear about is the when there is poor service. I work with customers daily and to see how you both interact with your guests truly is an amazing sight to see. It’s not always about the cheaper price, service goes along way and you both made our stay at the Dream Manor Inn an amazing experience that we will never forget. We look forward to having another magnificent stay in the future. Thanks again!!!! Thank you, Michael Aflleje 10/24/16