What Makes A US Military Weddings Different From Other Weddings

Whoever took part in or has witnessed a military wedding knows that there are lots of things that set them apart from the ordinary, ‘’civilian’’, weddings. If you’ve never had a chance to attend one such ceremony, don’t worry. In this article, we will mention a couple of things that differentiate a military wedding from a regular one.

Wedding Location

First of all, don’t be surprised to hear that the wedding takes place somewhere unusual – military base for example. Since lots of people serving in the military are having a hard time organizing and planning anything ahead due to deployments, sometimes this is the only way for them to have a ceremony. On the other hand, if a couple is fortunate enough to choose their own location, they might pick some more traditional venues, such as Dream Manor Inn for example.

Dress Code

Almost everything that makes military weddings stand out in a certain way has to do with military traditions. Same goes for dress code which can be seen on these ceremonies. You are about to see lots of Army uniforms, emblems, medals, ribbons, or even custom challenge coins presented at one such wedding.

People serving the Army are expected to appear in their uniforms, even if we are talking about the groom or bride themselves. It’s a matter of choice since the bride can opt to wear her usual wedding dress if she doesn’t want to be married in the uniform. In that case, (jokingly) wearing at least military boots underneath the dress is a must.

On the other hand, giving out challenge coin is an emerging trend in military weddings, an expert in the subject matter Embleholics shares. Coins are to be presented to the guests – although guests who are not in the military probably would not feel the same goosebumps as the military personnel. Custom and unique challenge coins symbolizing something for the happy couple can be made.

Arch of Sabers

Performing traditional rundown beneath the arch of drawn swords or sabers is truly a sight to behold for everyone present at the wedding. Instead of throwing rose lattices at the newly-wed couple, this goes hand-in-hand with the military-themed wedding.

Cutting Cake

It’s only at military weddings where you’re likely to witness the bride and groom cutting their cake using a sword or any other themed blade which is not a kitchen knife. Also, this is a very nice and convenient way to pay homage to their loyalty to the Army.

National Emblems

It is not rare to hear a national anthem intoned at military weddings. Also, a couple is often photographed under or wearing the national flag in different positions. This is all to pay respect to the country they are serving to (or at least one of them is serving to).

Military-Themed Decorations

There is really a number of military-themed decorations you might witness at the military wedding. Decorating a flower bouquet, the bride is carrying with military tags engraved with names of the bride and the groom is just one of them. Furthermore, wedding tables can be given company names instead of being numbered just by the order number.

Finally, you can run into a specially decorated table of honor, where all the military-serving attendees will be seated at the reception and the wedding party.

-Written by Guest Blogger, Stephanie Bates